St. Clair Bear, known to the world as Sergio Davis, began his journey into the realm of music and spoken word at the age of 8. Despite facing challenges, he honed his skills and developed his passion while incarcerated, laying the foundation for his future endeavors. From the inception of Land Up Records to the establishment of the Cleveland Up clothing brand and network, Bear has always been a visionary, blending his creative talents with entrepreneurial flair.

As a prolific artist, songwriter, and spoken word poet, Bear takes pride in crafting his own content, from writing and recording to publishing and promoting, with a eye for detail evident in his audio and video editing. Beyond his artistic pursuits, he wears multiple hats as a barber and salesperson, steering his company, Allwayzsells, towards success.

Despite humble beginnings, including recording music videos on his cell phone, Bear's determination knows no bounds. Collaborating with local and national talents, his social media presence once reached millions before setbacks led to its deletion, yet his resilience remains unwavering. With the anticipation building for his official albums, "BEAR," Volume 1 & 2 set for release in summer 2024, along with a string of singles showcasing his versatility, fans can expect an abundance of music and electrifying live performances from St. Clair Bear in the near future. Keep your eyes and ears opened for the next chapter in his remarkable journey.